Our favourite Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Our favourite Christmas Marketing Campaigns

It’s getting to that time of year again when wherever you look it’s everywhere is Christmas. Christmas songs, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and perhaps one thing we pay particular attention to is Christmas marketing campaigns. Each year some of the top businesses battle it out to have not only the best Christmas campaigns but memorable ones. Here at Discover we have compiled a list of our favourite Christmas marketing campaigns of all time.

John Lewis

One hugely popular Christmas campaign which people actually look forward to viewing each year is, yep you guessed it, the John Lewis adverts. Not only do they manage to make their Christmas adverts engaging but you may feel that tear sneak out of the corner of your eye too! Our personal favourite John Lewis Christmas advert is last year’s Monty the Penguin.


One Christmas campaign that will definitely be going down in history is WestJet’s Christmas Miracle advert. Although released two years ago, we still remember it like it was yesterday. WestJet took all of the passengers’ Christmas wish lists before they boarded the plane and during their journey WestJet rallied their staff to buy all the presents. When the passengers arrived at their target destination they were presented with all of their gifts! Needless to say this brought much joy and happiness to many families that Christmas.

Air Canada

Another popular Christmas campaign is Air Canada. Similar to WestJet, Air Canada were in the spirit of giving. They went into Maple Leaf, a Canadian bar in London, a month before Christmas to give a gift like no other. All customers in the bar were given a round trip ticket to Canada to visit their loved ones over the Christmas period. The joy on everyone’s faces makes advert one we’ll remember for a long time.

Coca Cola

Now we can’t make a Christmas advert blog post without mentioning Coca Cola – it just wouldn’t seem right. The viewing of the Coca Cola Christmas advert is what many see as the beginning of the Christmas holidays, after all they do say the #holidaysarecoming. Not only did Coca Cola create an iconic marketing campaign with their lorry trucks but they took it one step further in having the Coca Cola trucks visit cities across the UK. We personally will be lining up to have our pictures taken!

Marks and Spencer

We think the best thing about Christmas is the food. Okay and the presents and spending time with your family and loved ones, but let’s face it Christmas food is a big deal and no one does food adverts like Marks and Spencer. After all it’s not just Christmas food, it’s M&S Christmas food. With the unveiling of better treats every year it’s fair to say they get everyone’s mouths watering, as you’ll experience after watching this.

Feel like we’ve missed your favourite Christmas campaign off? Let us know in the comments below.