Relax – it’s only Results Day!

Relax – it’s only Results Day!

Even those not involved in education would struggle to ignore the fact that A-Level results are out tomorrow, 18 August.

If you are one of those awaiting results, it’s hard to maintain a sense of perspective amid the general sense of fevered anticipation – and that can lead to unnecessary stress.

Common sense dictates that worrying won’t help. Your grades are the result of the work you put into your exams and how you performed on the day. Being anxious now won’t change them, for better or worse.

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So what can you do to alleviate the pressure?

  1. Tell yourself – and believe – that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the grades you are hoping for. It really isn’t. There are still many options open, and people who will help you explore them.
  1. Don’t keep your fears to yourself. Talk to a relative or friend, ring a helpline, or go to an online message board. Even writing your thoughts in a diary, or on a sheet of paper to be torn up or given to someone else helps take away their negative power. Despite its name, Childline’s services are available to young adults too, with one-to-one counselling and a message board and helpline.  or Tel: 08001111
  1. Do something that absorbs your attention to distract your mind. Play a game, do something physical, like going for a swim, bike ride or run – or combine both and go searching for Pokémon. Or do something creative that requires concentration; one of the new adult colouring books and a pack of pencils can be bought cheaply and are a good way to calm the nerves.
  1. Get a good night’s sleep, so you can be on top form for whatever tomorrow brings: have a relaxing bath, don’t look at screens for an hour before bed, limit the amount of caffeine you have from mid- afternoon, listen to music or read a book (not Kindle) to help you drift off. You’ll want to be up early to check UCAS Track before you go to collect your results.

We wish the very best to everyone who is receiving their A-level results tomorrow… and remember, there’s no need to panic! There is a range of alternatives available if you need to change your plans, including a Uni@Work Degree Apprenticeship. This is a way to get an honours degree awarded by Coventry University as well as  full-time work experience while also earning a wage, with the cost covered by your employer (with government funding). Learners also gain a professional qualification, giving them a head start in their chosen profession.

To find out more about Degree Apprenticeships, please contact Uni@Work.