Revolutionary e-portfolio learning platform for Uni@Work

Revolutionary e-portfolio learning platform for Uni@Work

From next week, Higher and Degree Apprentices with Uni@Work will benefit from a new way to record, store and have their learning assessed. Uni@Work is the first Higher Education Institution (HEI) to make an e-portfolio learning platform available to learners 24/7.

Phone womanStarting on October 6, learners’ paper portfolios will be replaced by an electronic collection of their skills and knowledge, which will be assessed by Uni@Work Higher Education Learning and Development (HEL&D) Partners against academic standards and qualifications. Existing paper evidence of competence will be scanned in and stored electronically; from now on evidence will be in the form of videos, photographs (including photographs of documents) and voice recordings. The e-portfolio, provided by SMARTASSESSOR, will be available both offline and securely on the web.

In addition to one-to-one coaching and face-to-face learning in groups on their employers’ premises, Uni@Work learners will now be able to meet up virtually with their HEL&D Partners in Smart Rooms online, where learning sessions can be conducted and recorded for future reference. All learning resources will be uploaded to the programme resource library, where they will be available to all users. The platform can be accessed via smartphones and tablets, as well as PCs; this flexibility is well suited to Uni@Work learners, who are in full-time employment and may work shifts, or be non-office based. Each user has a unique dashboard from which to access the different applications. As the e-portfolio tracks every step of the learner’s journey, it’s easy for him or her to check exactly where they are up to at any time. For the HEL&D Partner, it’s easy to spot at an early stage if a learner is having problems, and take action.

The new system supports Uni@Work’s ethos of continuous improvement – not only of staff and learners, but of every part of the programme, including its infrastructure. It also demonstrates our commitment to using technological advances to enhance the learner experience.

Uni@Work provides Higher and Degree-level education, including Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, completely in the workplace. Programmes are tailored to the unique business needs of employers and learning preferences of employees. Substantial government funding is available. We can also advise on the Apprenticeship Levy, due to start on 6 April 2017.

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