These are the unwritten rules of student flat sharing

These are the unwritten rules of student flat sharing

Flat sharing at uni is one of the first times you have to survive on your own. It may also be the first time you have to live with people that are not biologically and legally obliged to like you.

These are your ‘friends for life’. The people you are supposed to grow old with and reminisce when you are old and grey. Remember the time Alex exploded an egg in the microwave? Who hasn’t got with who over the years?

You don’t want to hate them so much that you can only cook at 4am when nobody is about.

The rules of flat sharing aren’t written down (until now). But break them and you will have crossed lines you can’t re-tread without a lot of apology pizza.

Chores and bills

There are two main types of student accommodation. All-inclusive rooms have all your bills bundled in with your rent. The other options involve paying for most or all of your bills one by one.

Pay each other on time and in cash. Don’t pay with favours, drinks, good vibes or kettles, toasters and microwaves. Partners that become part of the furniture should also take on their fair share of the bills.

Chores are the second big battleground. Set a rota.

The bin tower is an intricate game of Jenga. If the rubbish you attempt to stack on top makes the structure fall, you are responsible for taking out the bins.

Everyone falls somewhere different on the cleanliness spectrum. Don’t be animals. Washing up sponges are so cheap that you can afford more than one a term.

If you go shopping, everyone must be notified so that they can add to your list. It doesn’t matter if nobody ever wants anything, you must still ask.

Nights out

The beautiful trinity of nights in, pre-drinks and nights out makes uni life worth living. Drinks don’t come cheap but sharing is caring.

Don’t do any of the following:

  • Disgrace yourself
  • Sleep with fellow flatmates unless you’ve found true love
  • Question the authority of the chunder chart
  • Always get lost in clubs

If you fall asleep in a common area, you will be drawn on with permanent marker. If you throw up after a night out, keep it classy or we won’t hold your hair back next time.

Getting along

We are put on this Earth for a dismal existence stretched over many decades. University is a bright light for three or four years – so let’s all get along.

Passive aggressive messages and drama are not allowed. Not in the group chat or on the fridge.

Kitchen counters, fridges, freezers, televisions and sofas are prime real estate that must be rationed and distributed fairly.

Organised fun is compulsory. The pub is our second home. Eating together as a flat is not reserved just for Christmas. Board games are cool now.


Part of the fun of uni is making it up as you go along and learning from your own mistakes. So ignore everything you have just read and go enjoy yourself.