Star Trek technology that came true!

Star Trek technology that came true!

Space–the final frontier. Star Trek has been entertaining audiences for decades, in film and television form, from William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy to Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. The original series, beginning in 1966, paved the way for exciting technological ideas and innovations to be explored. In many cases, technologies first dreamed up for Star Trek have actually come to fruition. Here’s our top five!

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These handheld devices have featured in Star Trek since its conception and allowed crew members to talk to each other and communicate with the starship. Sound familiar? Of course it does! It’s funny to think it but Star Trek featured one of the first mobile phones!

The holodeck was an area of the ship where crew members could escape from their day to day duties and life on board the Enterprise and interact in a different reality. These days, virtual reality software is making its way into our homes with the likes of Google Daydream, Samsung Gear and Playstation VR.

These handy machines create and recycle materials. In the original series, the replicator was typically used to generate food on demand. Now, although we cannot snap our fingers and ask a machine to make a meal for us immediately, the technology is up and coming, such as in 2013 when the first lab-grown burger was eaten. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to solve world hunger? Plus, have a think of what we can now achieve with 3D printers. We can make instruments, jewellery, weapons and so much more. We’re not so far away from this one.

We love this one! It was always super cool when the starship’s doctor administered medication quickly and painlessly to the crew via the hypospray. Actually thought up to get around NBC’s broadcasting regulations at the time, the hypospray’s real life alternative is in fact the jet injector, a device used to administer medicines but which can also be used in industry.

giphy (78)Computer commands
How often do we ask Siri or Google to help us find out information, book something into our calendars or call one of our contacts? All the time! The sophistication of this technology has come a long way in recent years. But, Star Trek featured this technology in the sixties! Asking the ship’s computer to log accounts, provide information and locate crew members are just a few of the tasks the ship’s computer was able to perform as required.


Who would have thought a science fiction television show could have predicted so many items we now utilise in our day to day lives? Remaining an innovative classic, the only thing left to say is live long and prosper!

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