Student myths debunked

Student myths debunked

Students nowadays have a bad reputation for themselves. Let’s face it, they’re always drunk, asleep or doing anything but work, right? Wrong. Here at Discuss we want to debunk the myths surrounding students and explain why they should be looked up to not down upon!

“Student life is just one giant party!”
Let’s set the record straight. Yes, there are aspects of student life which can involve going to parties, if that is what interests you. However that is the case with whatever you are doing with your life. Just because you are a student doesn’t mean you don’t have responsibilities. Lectures, assignments and exams still have to be attended and completed, even if you choose to go out on a Friday night.

“All students do is live off junk food and noodles.”
If you decide to live away from home, this will mean no more home cooked meals! For that reason, the food you eat as a student is entirely up to the individual. Saying students live off nothing but junk food is entirely false as the brain can’t function on nothing but junk food. Have a go at writing a 2000 word essay on a junk food diet, you’ll soon see what we are talking about!

“Students never have any money.”
Above all this probably is the most common myth. Whilst it is true that students do typically have less disposable income than those who are in jobs or apprenticeships, it is not true to say that they are broke. Being a student teaches you all about the importance of budgeting and making the most of your money, although there might be a week where you find yourself eating nothing but pasta. Which leads to…

“Having a part time job would distract students from their studies.”
If you are struggling to make ends meet and would benefit from having a part time job don’t be afraid to look into it. It is a common mistake to say that having a part time job will mean you won’t work as hard or focus all your attention on your studies. In fact if you are able to gain a job within the relevant industry it may even benefit your studies! As long as you are able to prioritise your time effectively and remember to put your studies first. At the end of the day you are at university to gain the best education possible.

“Being a student just means watching back to back episodes on Netflix.”
It is a common misconception that students suffer from lazy bones. Although, if you try saying that to a mature student you might just receive an earful quite quick. In comparison to those in full time jobs, students do have more ‘spare time’. But with all the coursework that has to be completed in this time paired with the exams that have to be studied for, it really is a debate as to who works harder.

At the end of the day student life is what you make it. There are both sides to this story. If you choose to see it as a stepping stone for your career and an essential step then you will go far, like most students. Don’t worry though, you’ll still find time to enjoy all those student perks!