Surprising effects of global warming

Surprising effects of global warming

It has been drilled into our heads since we were little, the world’s temperature is rising. This is as a result of global warming and even a rise of  just a few degrees has a dramatic impact on the world.

One effect we can all name (or hopefully should be able to) is the fact that the polar ice caps are melting. This is resulting in rising sea levels and increased coastal erosion causing flooding of low lying land, so watch out if you live near the coast! Another widely known result of global warming is the effect it has on weather patterns that it will cause droughts in some places and flooding in others. Some other less known effects we’ve listed below.

Damages to historical buildings
The weather patterns are not only causing flooding but are damaging historical buildings and artefacts. For many years ancient monuments were able to stand the test of time but the rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions are having a devastating effect. For example – Sukhothai, once the capital of the Thai kingdom and the home to an incredible 600-year-old historical landmark, was on the receiving end of severe flooding in 2014.

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Forest fires
While we are all aware global warming is melting glaciers what you might not be aware of is that it is actually causing fires throughout the United States. The number of forest fires is on the rise, particularly in Western states, where wildfires have caused devastation across the countryside. Scientists have suggested that this is due to the fact that snow melts earlier in the year causing the ground to be drier for longer periods of time. This in turn increases a forest’s chances of igniting.

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Growing mountains
One of the most surprising facts of all is that mountains are actually getting bigger as a result of global warming. Yes, you did read that right. As the glaciers melt, the weight which was previously compressing mountains is lifting, and the surface slowly is springing back. Because global warming speeds up the melting of these glaciers, the mountains are rebounding faster. This doesn’t mean that over the next few years you’re going to see a Mount Everest growth spurt, in fact it’ll be so slight that even experienced mountaineers probably won’t notice.

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Disappearing lakes
As the mountains are growing… the lakes are disappearing. A staggering 125 lakes have disappeared from the Artic over the past few decades. If this wasn’t  shocking enough, this is actually destroying the homes of many eco-systems as well. The lakes are disappearing because the normally permanently frozen ground located beneath the body of water is no longer cold enough and consequently is thawed out. The water from the lake then seeps into the soil causing it to in effect ‘disappear’.

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