Every student night out as told by the Taylor Swift ‘End Game’ video

Every student night out as told by the Taylor Swift ‘End Game’ video

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Future have dropped the video of their latest hit ‘End Game’ and it definitely had us thinking. The video teaches all of how to have the perfect student night out in 12 easy steps.

1) Starting the party early at home



2) Taking a banging selfie before you head out

Selfie GIF

Squad on point


3) When you pull up in your taxi feeling pumped

Taxi GIF

Taxi for you. Fancy car for Taylor Swift.

4) Or taking the bus because you need that student loan money later


Best way to travel on a big night. Except for any other innocent passengers. Students have a big reputation.

5) Starting the party


Because… treat yoself.

6) Belting out the lyrics to the songs early on


Whilst they still have words. Because at 2am none of the songs have lyrics, just the same beat.

7) Losing everyone on the dancefloor

Losing everyone

Eventually you will be reunited and it will be a beautiful moment.

8) Time to dance!


Nobody can judge.

9) Your whole life has been spent practising for this.

Dance machine

Every pound in every dance machine = WORTH IT.

10) Feeling bleak in the taxi home

Going home

Getting that 1 star Uber rating.

11) Someone suggests getting food


Low-key the best part of every night out.

12) When you get emotional at the end of the night


Kissing everyone because you love them so much. Until next time!

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