Technology… how it’s changing the world

Technology… how it’s changing the world

For better or for worse, technology is shaping the world we live in. It’s fascinating when you consider the dramatic advancements humanity has made over the 15 years, for example can you imagine going an entire day without picking up your smartphone and communicating with your friends via WhatsApp, or checking your favourite blog? It’s easy to forget these luxuries are all relatively new technological advancements.

To better help us understand what we’re on the verge of, let’s look at some of the most exciting technological advancements which aren’t actually that far away.

Self-driving cars
Meep meep! With Google on the case this could be a reality sooner than you think. We hope to see self-driving cars on a road near you in the 10 years. Although we would expect this to only happen in major cities to begin with. But prepare to be able to catch a few Z’s on your commute to uni.

Google car

3D printing
Chances are you’ve probably heard a fair bit about 3D printing, but have you actually stopped to consider how ground breaking the tech is? We’re talking about changing lives here. As we speak 3D prosthetics are here and they’re bringing multifunctional, affordable prosthetics to the UK. How amazing is that?

iron man arms

Harvesting energy
An issue which has plagued the engineering and science world for the past 20 years has been; what is the safest, most efficient and cost effective way to cater for the world’s growing population? By 2025 we expect the methods for harvesting, storing and converting solar energy to be more advanced and accessible, potentially making it the primary source of energy for our planet, fingers crossed.

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Onwards and upwards, literally.
Cities and countries across the world will always have a desire to have the title “world’s tallest building”. Egos aside, engineers are forever pushing boundaries through advancements in technology which is changing the way we live. The world’s tallest building currently stands at a staggering 2,717 feet high (wow). 10 years ago, who would have thought humans could be living in 2500+ feet in the sky? Only time will tell where we will call home 10 years from now.

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