The benefits of a professional qualification in counselling

The benefits of a professional qualification in counselling

Whether you’re looking to expand your career horizons or simply forward a hobby, a professional qualification in counselling may be exactly the thing you’re looking for.

Why counselling?
Professional counselling qualifications, like the ones on offer at CUC, aim to develop a broad range of skills that are not just designed for those hoping to train to be a counsellor in the future. These skills also benefit nurses, care workers, teachers and others in similar professions by:

  • building confidence
  • improving communication skills
  • widening understanding

What’s on offer at CUC?
There are two professional qualifications certified by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) to choose from:

Although these qualifications do not train you to be a counsellor (further study is required), undertaking an additional course such as these, can help you to:

  • build on new and existing skills
  • increase your employability in your current or future roles
  • progress onto further higher education study

CUC also offers Integrative Counselling Theory and Practice at HNC, HND and Degree level.

It’s often difficult to decide whether an additional qualification will provide a return on your investment, but at Discover, we’re here to tell you how CUC can make taking the plunge a little easier for you.

I don’t have time for a professional qualification
Not to worry! Our counselling courses are completed part-time on a Saturday over a matter of weeks so it won’t take you long to earn your qualification.

I’m not sure I can afford a professional qualification
Although there are additional CPCAB membership fees to consider on top of your tuition fee, you are able to spread the cost of your tuition fee over the length of the course, making studying more affordable.

I’m already studying a degree at CUC, can I also study for a professional qualification?
Yes! Depending on your degree, you may already be building credits for a professional qualification as part of your current modules. More information on this can be found online at our course pages.

If you’re hoping to undertake a professional qualification not linked to your subject area, you can still study on a Saturday alongside your full-time classes.

For additional information on these courses please see CUC’s and CPCAB’s websites.