The best bingeable crime dramas

The best bingeable crime dramas

Let’s face it, the world has gone crime-drama mad at the moment. So, we thought we’d help you out and find the best crime dramas for you to binge on (after your assignments are completed, obviously).


Luther: a brilliant drama series following the life of Detective Luther. Murders, scandals and many more.

Line of Duty: an excellent insight into police corruption through the aptly named anti-corruption department. A tense and extremely captivating watch.

Happy Valley: a police crime drama set in Yorkshire. It tells a realistic story of life in the police force with its ups and downs and can only be described as incredible.


Unforgotten: a show in which each series starts with an unknown suspected murder, with twists and turned which will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Broadchurch: this Dorset-set crime drama features Oscar-winning Olivia Colman and the excellent David Tennant, so you know it’ll be good.

Marcella: a serial killer drama set in London. This show follows Marcella’s hectic personal life and her astounding ability to catch killers.

Bodyguard: last years phenomenon, so we’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard about this one already. Politics, crime and everything else in between, give it a watch.


Ted Bundy Confession Tapes: if you’re interested in good looking psychotic murderers then you’re in luck! This show follows the gruesome and at times, unbelievable story of one of Americas most famous serial killers.

Abducted in Plain Sight: another shocking documentary which will leave you gripped. It follows the true story of how a young girl could be abducted repeatedly by a close friend, and no one realise.

The Sinner: a murder without motive. This show will leave you screaming ‘why’ more times than you care too. Get it on.

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Sneaky Pete: an American drama following the life of a con-man who is trying to escape a gangster by adopting a false identity.

Grantchester: set in 1950’s Cambridgeshire, this is a little different to most shows listed here. A vicar helps out the local detective when one of his parishioners dies unexpectedly. Scandal is everywhere in this show!


After you’ve watched all these , you’ll most likely want to go into the Police force to put your new found detective skills to the test. You can study Policing at CU CoventryCU London and CU Scarborough.