The highest paid jobs in sales

The highest paid jobs in sales

Feeling the need for that new Porsche? Looking to buy a mansion in LA? Well it all might be more achievable then you think with a sales career in one of the following industries.

  1. Financial Services Sales Agents

A career within the financial services industry is always big business but being the agent to advise a potential investor could mean big money for you. Also known as a financial advisor, it would be your responsibility to advise clients how to invest their money and what could have the biggest pay-off. Senior financial advisors can earn in the region of £60,000. This is a career where, if you are good at your job, recommendations and word of mouth will take you places.

  1. Sales Engineers

A sales engineer, as you guessed it, combines sales with engineering. The typical responsibilities for a sales engineer include sourcing the best rates for products and materials required for the business. So if relationship selling is something that is your bag then being a sales engineer could be the job for you! The average salary for a sales engineer starts at £30,000 and only goes up the bigger the organisation you work for.

  1. Luxury Items Sales Representatives

Now this is a fantastic job if you are driven by commission. Not only will there be monetary incentives but luxury brands usually always offer products and/or services to their sales representatives. If you are into your designer brands, think of the goods you could get. Regarding salary, it is difficult to put a price on how much on average you could be earning as it is so heavily commission based. Therefore the better sales representative you are the more you can earn.

  1. Sales Managers

As you are aware the higher up you are in a company the more money that you will earn, so naturally a sales manager will be earning the big bucks. Just think of how much you could earn being a regional sales manager, being responsible for a whole section of the UK! The typical salary for a regional sales manager starts at £35,000 per year.

  1. Real Estate Brokers

This is a career that can be very well paid if you are working at the higher end of the market. Typical estate agent fees vary between 0.75% to 3.0% meaning that if you are selling a million pound property potentially you could be earning £30,000 – not bad for one sale! Just think of how much you could earn in a month…


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