Top 5 abandoned tourist destinations/locations

Top 5 abandoned tourist destinations/locations

Are you looking for something a bit different on your travels this year? We’re talking about total isolation… the feeling of being the last human on earth. Imagine exploring previously popular destinations which have fallen into decline, or discovering the completely bizarre. If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out our top 5 recommendations for solitary travel in 2016.

Priyat – Ukraine
Let’s start with probably the most famous and maybe even the best entry in our list… however it’s not totally advisable to travel all the way into the city, due to the radiation which still makes the surrounding area uninhabitable. In 1986 disaster struck when the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was struck by a series of explosions which sent radioactive material into the local atmosphere. As a matter of urgency Priyat was abandoned, residents had to leave behind their homes and their possessions, making the city of Priyat a modern ghost town.

Source: Kadams1970 at English Wikipedia

Source: Kadams1970 – Wikipedia

Bodie – California
During the now famous Gold Rush era (1800s) Bodie was a thriving town boasting an eye watering 65 saloons. However, when the gold dried up so did the steady flow of visitors. Due to its awkward location it’s a surprise Bodie managed to last as long as it did. In 1942 the town drew its last breath as the post office was closed. In the early 60’s the state of California turned the town into a historic park.

It’s eerie, it’s interesting, and possibly one of the best preserved Gold Rush era towns in the USA.

Source: Jan Klaver - Wikipedia

Source: Jan Klaver – Wikipedia

Lion City – China
The oldest and most intriguing entry in our list is Lion City in China. The city which dates back to 25-500 AD is currently submerged. Yes, submerged, at a level of approximately 40 meters. The fact that the city is underwater has meant all of its treasures and secrets have been kept safe.

This place is unique, there’s nowhere quite like it on Earth. If you ever get the opportunity to travel to and view the city, then you’re one of a lucky few.

Source: Nihaopaul - Wikipedia

Source: Nihaopaul – Wikipedia

Witley Court — Worcestershire, England
This list wouldn’t be complete without an entry from the UK. So for those who’re looking for something a bit closer to home here goes… Witley Court is a beautifully imposing mansion which was devastated by fire in the 1930’s. Minor restoration work has been complete, which now allows visitors to walk the ground.

The Midland’s based site will provide you with a great sense of wonder as you walk what must have been a real delight in its heyday.

Source: Robek - Wikipedia

Source: Robek – Wikipedia

Wonderland Amusement Park — Beiji
The final entry to our list takes us back to China. It’s worth mentioning that sadly the site is no longer with us as it was demolished in 2013. However, as you can see when abandoned (due to funding issues) the site was once one of the eeriest places on our planet… Creepy.

Source: Tormod Sandtorv - Wikipedia

Source: Tormod Sandtorv – Wikipedia