Top 5 Christmas films

Top 5 Christmas films

With Christmas right around the corner we thought what better way to count down the days than sitting back, with some quality Christmas films! After all, nothing quite beats those nostalgic Christmas moments in front of the fire… pass the popcorn please!

Home Alone
A Christmas film list without Home Alone frankly isn’t a Christmas film list. This absolute classic launched the career of one of the world’s most famous child stars (Macaulay Culkin). When the youngest child is accidently left behind as the entire family travel for their festive vacation, all manner of mischief breaks loose as he has to protect the family home from a pair of unlawful burglars. Simply put, we love this film.

Discover rating: 4/5

giphy (38)Elf
This is one of the few children’s films that adults can enjoy as much (if not more) than the indented audience. Without spoiling too much of the storyline, this film focuses around a fully grown adult who has spent his adolescent life living with Santa Claus in the North Pole, he then finds himself in New York trying to track down his biological father… Whilst this may sound a little too daft for some viewers, trust us, it’s excellent. As with most Will Ferrell films, you’ll be in hysterics.

Discover rating: 3.5/5
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The Holiday
It wouldn’t be fair for us to make this list without something for all you romantic types out there. So, grab the tissues, stock up on your chocolate (you’ll need both) and bask in the romantic glory of this delightful Christmas flick. The fantastic all-star cast make this film a must watch.

Discover rating 4/5

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Die Hard
Possibly the most explosive Christmas film ever… Die Hard hit the big screens in 1988 and immediately became a cult film, with a loyal fan base. The film has everything you would expect in a Christmas classic; guns, explosions, explicit language…  Yippee ki yay… (well, you know the rest).

Discover rating: 4.5/5

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It’s a Wonderful Life
Finally, we finish with a golden oldie. It’s a Wonderful Life is pure Christmas magic. There’s a reason it has remained a popular Christmas classic for well over 50 years, there’s no other way to describe it, it’s a fantastic watch.

Discover rating 4.5/5

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Think we’ve missed something off the list? Let us know in the comments section below. Enjoy!