Top 5 Legal TV Shows

Top 5 Legal TV Shows

What inspires us to take a career path? Is it a parent, family member or an experience at school? Sometimes it may even be a film or TV show that first lights the fuse. So for all you would-be lawyers, here’s Discuss’ Top 5 Legal TV shows.

The Wire
An oldie but a goodie! Hailed as the Breaking Bad, of its day, the Emmy nominated The Wire ran from 2002-2008 and followed the story of police officers and lawyers in Baltimore, USA, as they tackle drug trade and murder in the area. There’s no end of excitement, interfering judges and plea bargains. Plus, check out Idris Elba and Dominic West putting on their best American accents.

The season five finale attracted 1.708 million viewers in early 2016, and we can’t blame them! Following Mike Ross’ rise from drug dealer to high-flying lawyer, alongside Harvey Specter, Suits is everything you want in a legal TV show; rivalry, office trysts, lawyers going to jail. Suits is as glamourous as it is feisty. How realistic is it in the grand scheme of things? We don’t care! And with almost six full seasons to catch up on, you better get watching!

Law and Order
One of America’s longest serving (see what we did there?) and much loved legal TV shows has to be Law and Order. Totalling 20 series from 1990-2010 and inspiring in 4 spin off shows, Law and Order is a classic. Often based around real events, Law and Order was at the top of its game, featuring actors such as Jerry Orbach and providing guest appearances from a whole host of famous faces including Lea Thomspon, Henry Winkler, Elizabeth Banks, Jeremy Irons, Robin Williams… and the list goes on!

Judge Judy
Who hasn’t heard of the scathing wrath of Judge Judith Sheindlin? Since 1996, Judge Judy, a former New York judge, now settles the most bizarre and volatile, small claims court cases and with some sass! Judge Judy pulls in on average 10.3 million viewers a week, making it the most watched daytime TV programme. 10.3 million viewers can’t be wrong! And with no end to the hilarity of the jibes Judy makes and the banter she has with her sidekick bailiff, Officer Byrd, there’s no end of entertainment with this one.

The Briefs
We’re cheating a little with this one! Not a long running series, or one that exudes the glamour of the previous shows we’ve discussed, The Briefs was reality TV at its best. Following solicitors working for the busiest criminal law firm in the UK, The Briefs does not hold back from showing the grimier, frustrating and very real side of practicing criminal law. Across two series, lawyers grapple to defend criminals accused of everything, from petty crimes all the way up to murder. A gripping insight into the procedures and practices of law in the UK and not to be overlooked!

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