Top 8 Best Marketing Campaigns of all time

Top 8 Best Marketing Campaigns of all time

How a brand or product performs is often dependent on the marketing campaign. Every little detail matters and how a consumer feels as a result of the marketing campaign usually results in a purchase or engagement with the brand. Who hasn’t caught themselves humming the ‘Go Compare’ song, or reminding themselves to ‘compare the’? We at Discuss have collected our favourite marketing campaigns of all time – enjoy!

Apple iPod shuffle
Back in the day, Apple really upped their game to promote their sporty, plucky and cheaper alternative to the original iPod. The catchy song and cool graphics sealed the deal for us!


Game of Thrones
Nothing wets our appetites like teaser trailers and Game of Thrones nailed it in the run up to their season six premiere. Who’s alive, who’s dead? Thank goodness we finally know…


California Tourism
Now, we need very little motivation to head to California, but when you throw in some spectacular scenery, amazing shots, glorious weather and celebrities, it’s a no brainer – we’ve packed our bags already!


Heineken – Walk in Fridge
Comedy is the way to reach the masses, and what can be better than a satirical look at what men and women find most important to raise awareness of your brand.


Cadbury Gorilla
Another great song and a bit of an unusual premise is just what you need in order to stand out – definitely an advert that will go down in history; we love the gorilla playing the drums!


McDonalds – I’m Lovin’ It
Changing your target audience is a hard one, but when McDonalds wanted to target the teen market, they went all out! With Justin Timberlake providing the vocals and the advert filled to the brim with skateboards, bikinis, cars and food – it makes us want McDonalds immediately.

Old Spice
We love this one as it is marvellously self-aware; it challenges what actually draws men and women to buy products while being funny at the same time.


Skittles – Everything you touch turns to Skittles
‘Taste the rainbow’ has over the years become instantly recognisable as the Skittles tag line. This one imagines what life is like with too many Skittles…does such a thing exist?! We don’t think so!

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