Valentine’s Day on a student budget!

Valentine’s Day on a student budget!

The day of love is just round the corner and if you still haven’t sorted your plans, well we at Discuss are here to help with our advice on how to pull off a successful Valentine’s Day on a student budget!

Get creative
Gifts, cards, chocolates, flowers… the list of traditional Valentine’s Day goodies can be expensive. So instead, try getting creative and making gifts to give to your significant other – we’re channelling Phoebe’s sock bunnies from Friends! Or, if your partner enjoys music, why not make them a playlist or write a song for them. Think outside the box – even writing romantic post-it notes and sticking them up around the house is a sweet gesture. Taking the time and effort to plan and make something shows your other half you care without breaking the bank.

Put your chef’s hat on
Meals out can also be pricey (especially on top of gifts!) so why not treat your partner to a romantic meal at home. Making a home cooked meal will be cheaper and allows you to spoil your date while also impressing them with your cooking prowess. Why not try Pinterest or BBC Food for cooking tips. Don’t forget dessert and if you’re feeling extra generous you can offer to do the washing up too!

Movie Night
Rather than hitting the cinema where it is likely to be packed and you’re paying to watch a film you don’t really want to watch, why not fire up the DVD player or Netflix and curl up on the sofa with a bag of popcorn. This way, you and your significant other are comfortable and relaxed-just no fighting about which film to watch or who’s in charge of the remote, it’s a real passion killer!

Fun and (mostly!) free activities
Feel like getting out and about on Valentine’s Day but are concerned about the cost? Well there’s a whole host of things you can do which are free or cost very little. Take advantage of what’s on offer in Coventry-there are museums, quirky book shops, art galleries and parks, most of which are free and mean you can spend some quality time together doing something you don’t usually do. Or, if you have a small amount of money to spare, you can enter a pub quiz or attend a local event, such as Star Wars Day at FarGo Village (if you or your partner digs Star Wars!). These things can be fun and mean you can explore the city and spend time together.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day is about more than just swanky presents or grand, romantic gestures. Remember to take the time out to appreciate your loved ones every day!