We are the champions, my friend…

We are the champions, my friend…

So sang Freddie Mercury, frontman of the phenomenally successful British rock band Queen, who would have been 70 this week.

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To commemorate this landmark birthday, an asteroid has been named after the iconic singer. Asteroid 17473, which was discovered in 1991 – the year Freddie died – is now known as Asteroid Freddiemercury, and will enable him to be “a shooting star leaping through the sky” (a quote from another Queen song, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’) for millennia to come.

An English Heritage blue plaque was also unveiled at Freddie’s childhood home in Feltham, West London. With these accolades, the name of Freddie Mercury will live on long after Queen ceases to perform.

It’s easy to think that the kind of success enjoyed by a superstar like Freddie Mercury can only be achieved by a few highly talented and lucky people. At Uni@Work, however, we believe that talent can be developed and luck can be made.

Here are eight characteristics of a Uni@Work champion – all of which are achievable with the right mind set, regardless of where you start from:

  • A champion has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are really just feedback to learn from. It’s not how you fall, but how you rise that counts.
  • A champion reflects on experiences to gain greater self-knowledge. There’s always something to be learned.
  • A champion trains his or her  thought processes in order to adapt behaviour to different situations. If something blocks your way, consider how to go round (or under, or over) it.
  • A champion understands his or her weaknesses and focuses on developing strengths to achieve success. Acknowledge what you are less good at, but put your energy into your strengths.
  • A champion actively creates a work-life balance to sustain performance. You can’t maintain success if you’re running on empty.
  • A champion views competitors as partners who provide challenge and the chance to improve. Competition is not a threat – it’s an opportunity.
  • A champion enjoys work for the sense of purpose it provides and the opportunity to achieve personal goals – whether they are world-changing or more modest.
  • A champion has vision. A champion dreams of things that haven’t been and believes they are possible. A champion says “We can!”

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