What to expect as a student nurse

What to expect as a student nurse

If you’re about to embark on a Nursing degree, or considering it as an option, it’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about what the next three years will entail for you. DisCUss has put together advice for aspiring nurses on what to expect during your time as a student:


  • Preparation is key

This applies to both your studies and your placements. Plan time in your schedule for studying and revision and stick to it. As you go on you will realise the importance of juggling your time, it can be easy to lose the balance if you’re not disciplined. With placements, research where you’re going and make sure you have everything you need to help you make the most of it. Be prepared to be flexible. Often you will be expected to do shift work and you may be asked to assist other members of staff at short notice.


  • Be willing to learn

There’ll be things you come across on placement that you won’t have learned at college. Real life can often throw unexpected problems or situations, and real patients have real emotions – all challenges you’ll be encouraged to assist with. These experiences will shape you as a nursing professional, develop your skills and improve your studies as you apply practical knowledge.


  • Know your limitations

It’s okay if you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or admit you need some help. Your tutors and mentors will appreciate your honesty. Better to ask if you’re not sure rather than struggle in silence.


  • It’s not just about placements

Yes, one of the best things about a nursing degree are the placement opportunities, but don’t neglect your studies too!


  • There’ll be times when you question if it’s right for you

Nursing can be incredibly tiring and, at times, very testing on your mental and physical capabilities. It is important to remember that there’ll be good and bad days, as with any career. It’s also good to remember you’re not alone. You’ll be on this journey with your fellow student nurses too. Which brings us onto the last point…


  • Team work makes the dream work

Arguably one of the most rewarding things about your time as a student nurse will be the relationships you build, both with fellow students and colleagues. Nursing will teach you the value of communication and working together, and inevitably you will share some of the most memorable experiences of your life.


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