Why teachers love teaching

Why teachers love teaching

The DisCUss blog team has been out and about asking teachers why they chose their career and what it is they love about it.  Here’s some highlights, which might resonate with any studying Primary Education & Teaching or considering the vocation.

You’re often the first to witness those special moments

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Primary teachers we spoke to felt it was a great honour to witness individual moments in time of great importance.  A child learning to write their name; the joy of discovering reading or even tying their own shoelaces for the first time. Teachers spoke of remembering specific details – which even many many years later only revealed their true significance. It might be you who discovers the talents of a future Olympic athlete.

Gifts are given freely

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Primary teachers are regularly given gifts.  Sweet offerings of home baking; chocolates or wine from grateful parents are regularly presented at school.  One teacher we spoke to has a collection of over 100 ‘special teacher’ mugs.  She keeps every one!  So at the end of term, you can do all that marking with a box of chocolates and a glass of wine.

You become a local celebrity

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Local and regional newspapers make a great deal out of their new-starters photos every September, and Teacher of the Year Awards in the summer.  Between the two, you’ll soon become a recognised face around town.  Notoriety is great if you ever need to skip the queue or find yourself with a puncture on a rainy evening.
Think back to your favourite teacher at school, and the impact they had on your life? Teaching is not for the faint-hearted, but the rewards are enormous! So even if you are studying computing, science or health, converting your degree and teaching the next generation can offer fabulous rewards.

If teaching sounds like it might be for you, then take a look at our Primary Education & Teaching Studies BA (Hons) at CU London or CU Scarborough.