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The faculty aims to provide dynamic, innovative and enterprising educational experience for all of its students. The Coventry Business School is one of the largest in Europe and has excellent links to major national and international organisations and close partnerships with universities around the world.

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Workforce Solutions and Applied Research

We have two Applied Research Centres and 12 Applied Research Groups, as well as a number of studentship opportunities. To search our individual research projects, you can visit our research finder.

Applied Research Centres

iCoCo – The Institute of Community Cohesion

The Institute of Community Cohesion was established to provide a new approach to race, diversity and multiculturalism. Its work focuses on building positive and harmonious community relations using applied research to constantly develop practice, and to build capacity locally, nationally and internationally to promote community cohesion.

SURGE – The Applied Research Centre in Sustainable Regeneration

The Applied Research Centre in Sustainable Regeneration aims to support business and society in achieving sustainable regeneration through research, consultancy and education.

The Centre’s work was created out of three Coventry University research centres – the Centre for Local Economic Development, the Centre for Social Justice and the Rural Restructuring Research Group – coming together to provide a holistic approach to sustainable regeneration issues.

Applied Research Groups

Centre for Agroecology and Food Security

The aim of the Centre for Agroecology and Food Security is to conduct critical, rigorous and relevant research which will contribute to the development of agricultural and food production practices, which are economically sound, socially just and promote long-term protection of natural resources.

Centre for the International Business of Sport

The Centre for the International Business of Sport (CIBS) delivers high quality applied research, training, consultancy and networking outputs across a range of sports and in a number of different disciplines.

Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies

The Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies (CPRS) promotes research and learning which contribute to a deeper understanding of peace and reconciliation. Founded in 1999, CPRS is a dynamic, secular, cosmopolitan centre reflecting contemporary international scholarship on the theories and practices of conflict transformation, peace-building, nonviolent politics, human security, faith–based and humanitarian aid, post-conflict reconstruction and related areas. Coventry’s global reputation as a city dedicated to reconciliation and peace has grown and it is fitting that Coventry University has established an academic centre for the study of peace, peacebuilding, reconciliation and reconstruction that is committed to the advancement of international understanding.

English and Languages in the Professions and in Higher Education

The English and Languages in the Professions and in Higher Education Applied Research Group was established in October 2008. It is dedicated to investigating the use of English and other languages in academic study and professional communication. We aim to provide a fuller linguistic description of spoken and written genres used in academic and professional communication. Examples of such genres are seminars, lectures, conference papers, research articles, essays and reports produced in specified disciplinary and professional contexts, and with specified audiences in mind.

Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship

We are constantly seeking to provide opportunities to the communities we work with, to develop and enhance entrepreneurial culture. We are guided by industry challenges, priorities of Coventry University, and capabilities to focus on four themes namely global entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial leadership, social enterprise, entrepreneurship education.

Environment, Hazards & Risk

The Environment, Hazards and Risk Applied Research Group undertakes research, advanced training and consultancy work into environment, hazards and risks. Our key areas of activity include: Investigating the physical processes responsible for short-term and long-term environmental hazards; the application of remote sensing and GIS to map, monitor and model phenomena and processes in natural environments; reconstruction of past environments to analyse their responses to climate change; the vulnerability of communities and the societal impact of disasters; and the development of tools and strategies to communicate and manage environmental risk.

Finance, Regulatory Reform and Development
The Applied Research Group in Finance, Regulatory Reform and Development provides research and consultancy service in economic, financial and regulatory aspects of work associated with emerging markets and is actively involved in research with a number of UK and European organisations in these fields. We also provides short courses for financial advisors dealing with retail clients.

Marketing and Advertising

The mission of the Marketing and Advertising Applied Research Group is to advance theory and practice in Advertising Psychology, Relationship and Services Marketing, and Marketing Ethics, through rigorous and relevant, evidence-based research. We strive to produce compelling contributions to marketing knowledge for business, academe and the wider community, by achieving the highest standards of research, education and consultancy.

Research projects include: advertising psychology; services and relationship marketing; and marketing ethics.

Sustainable Drainage Applied Research Group

The Sustainable Drainage Applied Research Group draws on broad cross-faculty expertise to develop interdisciplinary aspects of sustainable drainage. The group includes professionals with expertise in porous paving, environmental geochemistry, the microbiology of geotextile, geographical information systems, constructed wetlands and urban hydrology. Our key areas of expertise include: monitoring the efficiency of porous surfaces to treat contaminants; modelling for the design of constructed wetlands; the use of GIS in flood risk assessment; contaminant distribution and tracing; assessment of grass species for use in vegetated devices; and the distribution and physico-chemical properties of silt in kerbside channels and techniques of water harvesting.


The Tax Applied Research Group acts as a focus for taxation related applied research and has received external support for its work from the professions, commerce, the academic community, and charitable foundations. We offer independent and professional desk-based and empirical research and consultancy on a wide variety of taxation related matters.



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