Health and Life Sciences

Coventry University engages in research projects that inform real-world issues, working with a range of professional organisations as well as academic and research groups and in the Health and Life Sciences area we aim to provide high quality applied research and training that influences policy, industry and individuals.

We have a number of Applied Research Centres and Applied Research Groups working on a variety of projects. To find out more about these projects you can search the University’s research directory. 

Health and Life Sciences Applied Research Centres

Centre for Sonochemistry

The Sonochemistry Centre is known internationally for its research into applications of power ultrasound in chemistry, processing and medicine. It provides a resource base for sonochemistry to academic institutions, companies and government organisations.

Health and Lifestyle Interventions (HLI)

The Applied Research Centre in Health and Lifestyle Interventions provides high quality applied research, consultancy and training, underpinned by one of its core competences: health psychology to develop and implement health behaviour and organisational interventions. Research groups encompass Self Management of Long Term Conditions, Studies in Adolescent Sexual Health, Breastfeeding, Physical activity and Obesity, Healthcare Communications and Patient Safety.

Centre for Children and Families Applied Research (CCFAR)

The overall aim of the Centre for Children and Families Applied Research is to promote the study of children and family health and well-being through inter-professional and multi-disciplinary collaboration. Our philosophy is to integrate a programme of applied research, education and leadership through a range of methods and approaches which in turn aims to influence policy development in this field. 

Centre for Applied Research in Psychology (CARP)

The Centre for Applied Research in Psychology (CARP) at Coventry University applies psychology to areas of current social significance and concern, developing effective interventions for real world problems.

Health and Life Sciences Applied Research Groups

Biomolecular Sciences

The Biomolecular Science research group undertake pre-clinical and clinical based projects investigating the suitability, safety, toxicology and effectiveness of existing and conceptual therapies. Research areas within this theme include infectious diseases (HIV and malaria), albinism and other major diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes/obesity.

Centre for Excellence in Learning Enhancement (CELE)

The Centre for Excellence in Learning Enhancement (CELE) supports staff development in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, especially in relation to the further development of excellence in relation to interprofessional learning and exploiting the potential of technology to enhance learning.

Functional Materials

The aim of the Functional Materials applied Research Group is to add functionality and value to a material. This will be achieved by developing technologies that are sustainable and have low environmental impact whilst being scalable and industrially relevant.

Community Wellbeing Research Group (STaC)

Social, Therapeutic and Community (STaC); research groups is a multi-disciplinary team with interests in health, wellbeing, public health agenda, enablement, empowerment, personalisation, ageing society, later life, inequalities and social justice related to community wellbeing.

Learning Innovation

The Learning Innovation Applied Research Group researches, promotes and delineates innovative learning in and for higher education, in the areas of digital fluency,new research methologies and innovative learning.

Sport and Exercise Science

The Sport and Exercise research group work with ‘healthy’ people to support health related physical activity or to improve sport performance, including strength and conditioning, dietary and sport psychology interventions