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ET ThumbnailOur staff actively engage in research in DanceDesign and ErgonomicsMusic ExperimentationOpen MediaProduct and Automotive Design and Visual Arts.

Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE)

The Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) specialises in an inclusive approach to diverse forms of artistic research in dance supported by new approaches to documentation, analysis and augmentation of choreographic creativity. Interested in dialogues across live and digital dance, and the embodied knowledge of the dance artist, research at C-DaRE is situated within a range of interrelated fields including: reflexive enquiry into forms of somatic practice; research into digital archiving and publication of live performance with a focus on dance, and the development of alternative sites for performance including screen and site-responsive dance.

C-DaRE projects are funded by the AHRC, JISC, Leverhulme Trust, Arts Council England, Culture 2007, HEA and the Cultural Olympiad.

Further information on our projects, people and journal can be found here.

Design and Ergonomics

The aim of the Design and Ergonomics Applied Research Group is to further the understanding, teaching and relevance of design and design-related ergonomics in the 21st century. Research is focused into six areas: Transport; Design for health and well being; Design pedagogy and educational ergonomics; integration of ergonomics and design; health information; and Boat Design.

Interrogations into Music Experimentation

Researching the theory and practice of experimental music, the Interrogations in Music Experimentation Group works across areas including composition, performance, music therapy, multimedia and live electronics. The group hosts a number of competitions and symposiums, including the 2012 InTime Symposium on composer/performer dialogue.

Open Media

Digital Media have today become ubiquitous and all pervasive. Our lives and experiences are being mediated non-stop by a host of mobile and web-based devices which offer the possibility of merging, mixing, and mashing-up texts, images, sound and other data formats. The term Open Media is used to capture a series of interrelated principles that inform the work of the Department of Media. It is an approach designed to make our research, teaching and learning innovative, distinctive and inclusive. It also gives a strong ethical and professional direction to what we do.

All of our exciting activities can be found on our website

Product and Automotive Design

The Centre for Excellence for Product and Automotive Design represents the research and professional work generated by staff of the Industrial Design Department and collaborators across the School of Art and Design and the wider University. We aim to further the understanding, teaching and relevance of product, automotive and transport design, through scholarly, commercial and research practise, and work across a range of areas including: Design and Ergonomics; Design Pedagogy; Application of Biomechanics to Design; Boat Design; and commercial design activity.

Visual Arts Research Group

The Visual Arts Research Group is involved in research across three core fields of contemporary art and design practice: the fine arts; graphic design, illustration and animation; and fashion design.Our activities fall into two main strands: the practice-focused enquiries exploring the constituent visual elements of making and innovation with existing and new media and technologies, and theoretically-orientated enquiries seeking to articulate the specific character of visual and design practice across our specialist fields. Both are disseminated through a wide range of formats. We are also  investigating the role of the gallery through the ACE-funded Lanchester Gallery Project, and at the intersections of professional art and design practice with teaching through work with archives, interviews and experimental interventions.

Institute of Creative Enterprise

The Institute of Creative Enterprise is a new project aimed at supporting both emerging creative talent and existing businesses in the region. We offer a range of free services including business advice and mentoring, consultancy, hot-desking space, computing services, events and networking opportunities.

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