The Ergo Work Project

The ERGO WORK project is an EU project, with academic and business partners in 6 countries: UK, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Spain and Belgium. It aims to join academia and business in developing Ergonomics training that enables students to gain skills in the design of workplaces with truly inclusive ergonomics, while meeting the needs of both employees and employers.

Dr Louise Moody and Dr Janet Saunders, of Coventry University, carried out a survey to provide a snapshot of the situation across the six countries.  In addition, their research included a curriculum study to examine how ‘inclusive design’ was taught within Ergonomics programs in the UK and the partner countries, and how it might be introduced into Ergonomics training in the target countries.

The next steps will involve collaboration of the Universities of Siedlce (Poland), Maribor (Slovenia) and Coventry (UK) in the development of new Ergonomics curriculum content, focused specifically on creating ergonomic workplaces for people with disabilities.  Ultimately, this content will be piloted in Slovenia and Poland, where the impact of the teaching will be tested in industrial projects with working groups of students, lecturers, company staff and people with disabilities.

The ERGO WORK project is funded by the EU Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme.

Visit the ERGO website for more information.



Nicola Vaughan

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