INTIME – experimental music

INTIME Thumbnail 2INTIME is an applied research group within Performing Arts at Coventry University, that brings together creative musicians and academics who are interested in interrogating the experimental in music.  INTIME convenes an annual Symposium on experimental music, organises concerts, music competitions, CD recordings and supports the music research activities within the School of Art and Design.

“Experimental music is music that is unorthodox, that mixes styles and forms, that pushes established boundaries; it is music that is outside the mainstream and is exploratory in nature.”

INTIME research interests include:

  • Composition: including sound-based, multi-media, noise, generative, instrumental, fusion, installations, sound theatre
  • Improvisation 
  • Applied and Assistive technologies for experimental music
  • Music and Health
  • Performance and Interpretation

INTIME is made up of the following staff and research students:

Core Team

  • Dr Tom Williams (Principal Lecturer in Composition)
  • Dr Christopher Hobbs (Senior Lecturer in Composition)
  • Dr John Habron (Senior Lecturer in Composition)
  • Professor Rolf Gehlhaar (Professor in Experimental Music)
  • Adrian Palka (Senior Lecturer)
  • Nicole Panizza (Senior Lecturer in Performance)
  • Julian Hellaby (Senior Lecturer in Performance)
  • Christopher Evans (Senior Lecturer)
  • Daren Pickles (Senior Lecturer in Music Technology)
  • Adam Collis (Senior Lecturer in Music Technology)
  • Mark Thorley (Principal Lecturer in Music Technology)

Research Students

  • Mark Summers (PhD)
  • Richard Hall (PhD)
  • Chris Evans (PhD)
  • Daren Pickles (PhD)
  • Nick Peters (PhD)
  • Rees Archibald (PhD)
  • Maria-Dolores Campos (PhD)
  • Josh Glover (MRes)

Check back for INTIME updates. 



Nicola Vaughan