OpEx from the Serious Games Institute

Opex Event at Serious Games Institute

The Open Innovation Exchange Programme (OpEx) develops an online marketplace for Business Community Engagement, which encourages collaboration between the Serious Games Institute, Institute of Applied Entrepeneurship and the Director of Intellectual Property at Coventry University.

The project will foster exchange between research and industry under the umbrella of ‘open innovation’.

The OpEx system and its services can be used for enhancing collaboration and exchange of ideas between industry and academics through the ‘open innovation’ paradigm.

In a world with a seeming trend towards more ‘open working’, OpEx encourages ideas and project collaboration.

The OpEx system allows searches by individual names and skillsets, making it easier to find someone required for a particular project. Scoring scales from assessment validate the ‘readiness’ of a project.

The system carries an easy-to-use sign-up process that includes a confidentiality agreement.



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