White working class voices: multiculturalism, community-building and change

harris_beider_thumbCoventry University Professor of Community Cohesion, Harris Beider will publish a new book in 2014 titled ‘White Working Class Voices: Multiculturalism, Community-Building and Change‘.

The book, which is being published by The Policy Press, University of Bristol has materialised as a result of Beider’s REF-submitted research paper “Community Cohesion: views of white working class communities“.  The paper picked up a great deal of interest at the time of publication from the country’s top journalists and newspapers from the BBC Radio 4 Today programme (iTunes) to the Daily Mail.

Beider has been interested in issues of race, community and public policy since his time as  Executive Director of the Federation of Black Housing Organisations from 1997 – 2001 and Founding Director of People for Action (a national network of housing and regeneration organisations) from 1995 to 1997.  Throughout his career Harris has been involved in helping to shape national policy on black and minority ethnic issues.  Harris has also been an advisor to the Prime Minister’s Social Exclusion Unit and Visiting International Scholar at Columbia University, New York City.

The JRF article was provocative on its publication due to the approach of the research: white working class perspectives on community with specific reference to the the rise of multiculturalism.

Read the original paper at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website. 

To hear more from Harris, head to his blog.



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