REPLACE II FGM Project Launched this Week

replace_thumbResearchers from the Health and Life Sciences and the Business, Environment and Society departments at Coventry University, are very proud to announce the launch of the REPLACE II project, funded by the European Commission, following the successful completion of REPLACE I in 2011.

REPLACE II marks the collaboration of six European countries, England (Coventry University and FORWARD UK), the Netherlands (FSAN), Italy (CESIE), Portugal (APF), Spain (Gabinet) and Belgium (Ghent University) with the aim to bring about a social change to mark the end of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

REPLACE II aims to improve the well-being of individuals affected by FGM by working directly with FGM practising communities in the EU. The project involves capacity building and knowledge transfer so that all partner organisations and communities take away new skill sets and knowledge to use in future efforts to bring about social change. One of the expected outcomes of this project will be to share the REPLACE II Behaviour Change intervention with the FGM EuroNet. Researchers at Coventry University are currently preparing for the arrival of the European partners for the project kick off week (w/c 22nd April) which will comprise of a five day intensive training and knowledge exchange between the six countries involved, hosted at Coventry University.

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