After fun run

shutterstock_203060215I feel a sense of success. I completed the Coventry 3 mile fun run, and ran all the way.  I feel proud and amazed that I made it.  Three months ago I would never have imagined it possible.  I went at a steady pace, a jog – trying to keep a relaxed posture as I went.  My daughter and husband were with me for most of the run until we reached a slight incline near the end and the others took off, while I kept to my own slower pace.  They raced to the line, I kept it steady.  I felt I could have run further, and that felt good too.  I wasn’t keeping a record of my time, but my husband said I completed it in 39 minutes, or was it 37, or perhaps it was between the 2!

I wasn’t convinced by being in a large group for the run.  Maybe I’d have felt more connected if I was sponsored and doing the run for some greater good.  As an introvert I always prefer my own company or 1:1 rather than crowds.  It’s also harder to find your own pace when others around you are varying theirs, or walking in groups in your path.

I’ve not run on roads before, only on grass.  It has a much greater physical impact, which if you have pelvic floor issues, as I do, can become a problem.  I realised what was happening soon into the fun run and it crossed my mind to pull out.  However I decided to carry on and manage as best as I could.  But this experience has made me question whether I can actually do any road running at all or whether this is the end of the road for me.