Before fun run

The night before the fun run: Had a large supper as instructed, and intend to have a big breakfast.  After initial stiffness from 10 laps of the field on Friday there are no other side effects or aches on Saturday; I am encouraged by that.  I’m not quite sure of the logistics of running an organised race having never done one before, but my husband who is experienced will guide and direct me.  He’s not yet decided whether he’ll run with me or go at his own pace.  My 8 year old also doesn’t know who she’ll run with.  I hope she’ll come with me, as she’s a great motivator and good company.  Let’s see.

The morning of the fun run:  Had a bad night with lots of coughing.  Husband wasn’t sure whether I ought to do the run, but I still want to give it a try.  At least I’ll have an excuse for walking if I need to!  It’s a lovely morning which helps.  I ‘m not sure I’d feel so keen if it were pouring with rain!  I’m also not sure whether to carry water, or what exaclty to wear.  It is slightly chilly now, but is likely to warm up, as I am, on the run.  It’s very different doing a fun run to running out of your house and back again. I’m not sure I’m entirely convinced about running with lots of other people, but I’ll see.