Treasured moments

On Monday, at my daughter’s athletics group again – for the first time I ran more than once around the track without stopping. In fact I managed to go around 3 times, and then another burst of 3 later on. I tried  consciously to run on the balls of my feet this time.  It felt good to be able to run for longer.  I am noticing progress in myself.  I’ve had a cold since then so my energy levels were low, and perhaps I’ve used this as an excuse not to do any training.  However after meeting Cormac he encouraged me to keep going especially as I have my first organised run coming up.

So on Friday, after work, my 8 year old accompanied me around the field near us. She bounced along beside me, chattering away.  We admired the beautiful autumnal colours and she had the brilliant idea of collecting a leaf at each circuit.  She’s an excellent tutor – sharing advice and helpful hints she’s picked up from her athletics coaches.  Before we knew it, a small pile of leaves had gathered, and we were both surprised to have completed 10 rounds!  I’d never have believed it if the evidence hadn’t been there.  That Friday evening run with my daughter has to be one of those beautiful, precious moments of joy, which I shall always treasure.

Backdated entry from 29 September