Electronic Assessment

Thursday 26th June, 14:00 to 15:30.
Friday 27th June, 13:50 to 15:20

Chris Smith, Imogen Gordon, Irene Glendinning, Billy Brick, Martin Jenkins

Presentations and resources from the workshop

Podcast Assessment Feedback T&L 2014 conf [pdf of Powerpoint slides – Podcast Assessment Feedback – Imogen Gordon]

Podcast Assessment Feedback Student Guidelines 2012 [pdf Student Guidelines for Podcast Feedback – Imogen Gordon]

Podcast Assessment Feedback Staff guidelines [pdf Staff Guidelines for Podcast feedback – Imogen Gordon]

Moodle can is support your assessment workflow [pdf of Powerpoint slides – Moodle: can it support your assessment workflow – Christopher Smith]

Electronic Assessment [pdf Powerpoint slides – Workshop Introduction]

Learning technologies can be used to support many parts of the assessment life-cycle.  This workshop which will combine a mixture of sharing practice and activities which enable participants to consider how learning technologies might be used to support their assessment.



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