Games and Experiments to improve the students’ learning experience

Friday 27th June, 10:10 to 10:50


Mike Walsh

Research has suggested that students state a preference for active learning, and classroom games and experiments are a suitable vehicle for this. Games may enable students to fix a concept vividly in their minds, and perhaps help them engage in deeper learning. Games and experiments cater for the heterogeneous learning styles of students and have received positive feedback in student surveys. The Economics Team have also found that these games go beyond covering content during the course, they are extremely useful as the core of our induction programme, where their benefits are twofold; (1) opportunities to meet and get to know other people on the course (2) get started with the course. This workshop will consider the costs and benefits of classroom games, including demands on the lecturer, and will involve conference participants taking part in a game that has been used with first year students.

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