Try it, Play it, Love it!

Is your New Year’s resolution to finally ‘get in shape’? Lead a healthier lifestyle? Or even just to try something new? Well, whatever it is, your Student Union has got it covered with a huge range of taster sessions, weekly classes, and sports and societies on offer.

I’m sure we’ve all seen other people doing things and thought, ‘Wow, I wish that was me!’ but getting out there and just doing it can be harder than it sounds. Taster sessions are a great opportunity to try something you’ve always wanted to, and a great motivator to get that New Year’s resolution kick started.

From the 26th January, there will be another sports and societies taster fortnight for anyone who missed it at the start of last term! For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, the taster week is a great chance to try out new activities or meet new people, and a brilliant way to test if a society is right for you. Throughout the fortnight there will be a range of sessions from political societies to snow sports; we’re confident there really is something for everyone. Even better, most of these are totally free!

As an added incentive, thanks to the Student Union’s Try it, Play it, Love it Sport’s Active scheme, you have access to a brilliant range of sporting activities that will continue to run throughout the year, both on campus and off, at prices that students can afford! You can block book classes for up to 8 weeks, or choose to pay per session for a maximum of only £3 per week. So what are you waiting for? The full range of activities on offer are detailed below – but make sure you book in advance for the 8 week classes, they fill up fast!