Graduate jobs: Welcome to the Game Of Moans

Spring is here, and with it comes the mass graduate job hunt – are you ready for ‘the wars to come’?

You’ve finally done it, however many years of academically driven learning have come to an end. Now you’re either beginning to think that the world’s looking a little rosier and everything’s going to be alright, or you’ve decided to curl up in a ball and become a human paperweight.  The prospect of looking for a graduate job is a tough thing to come to terms with. It seems like a harsh world out there doesn’t it?

Well actually you’d be pleasantly mistaken…

Finishing university is a tough moment for anyone; the transition from a highly unmotivated yet academically tested youth, to  a salary-driven, suit-wearing professional can be an ugly one. There’s a lot that goes on in life when you’re in that student bubble, but most of it remains under the radar. As you know, some students are not the best at observing certain protocols, or replying to things quickly…

It may have something to do with the absurd amount of alcohol consumed over the last three years, or the mysterious knocks to the head that some students seem to experience during their questionable nights out.

For those of you that do know where you’d like to be in 5/10 years, and have a firm understanding of your career path, good for you! Unfortunately, there are still thousands of students graduating each year with little or no idea about their imminent future. game of thrones

However, this job-seeking period doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems! According to recent studies carried out by Hecsu, the number of graduates leaving university and going in to professional or managerial work has risen from 64.9% to 66.3%.

It is time to win the game of moans:

I call for all students to show that we are worth the degrees we’ve studied for and we’re not just products of an ‘increasingly easier education system’. This opinion is shared by many, following recent reports suggesting that the value of a degree has decreased in the past few years.  Now is the time to prove the doubters wrong! With a plethora of graduate jobs to apply for, and a generation of graduates that are hungry to work, surely this is the chance we’ve been waiting for.

Last year an impressive 94% of Coventry graduates gained employment or continued onto further study. We were also voted Entrepreneurial University of the Year, which shows our commitment to employability and enterprise. We ensure that Coventry University graduates stand out from the crowd in the graduate job market. 

Find out more about our Graduate Careers Service, and secure a job today!

Game of thrones

Ps: Apologies for the Game of Thrones puns, but did you see it last night?!