first year

How to prepare for your first year at CU

Starting any journey is always difficult, but we’re here to help! Guest blogger Ben covers exactly what to expect from your time as a fresher at CU, and what you need to know to help you remain ahead of the game.

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Although nerves are natural and feel horrible, contrary to popular belief, they are actually a good thing. Being nervous about something shows that it is really important to you, that you want it to go well. You’ve probably been told this a million times by now but everyone really does feel the same. Moving to a completely new place without anyone you know is scary. Just don’t think that those nerves will be there forever, they won’t!


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Don’t panic if you aren’t getting along with everyone straightaway or are struggling to find your feet. Everyone adapts at different speeds and you have to be patient. It’s funny, sometimes a person you don’t think you like turns out to be a great friend, and the most horrible experiences turn out to have the best results. Take your time.

Challenging Your Comfort Levels

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Your comfort levels will be tested and that’s a good thing! Meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds with different views and outlooks will be a brand new experience. It’s just like your new course with new lecturers, who make you learn in a new way. Although these new things can be a shock to the system, challenging your comfort zone is the best way to learn about who you are and what you enjoy. 
You’ve got to go outside if you’re going to see the world.

Alone Time

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If you’re living in halls or any other kind of shared accommodation, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people all the time. This is great for making friends and avoiding homesickness, and from experience I’m sure you’ll be a big, happy family in no time. However, don’t think it’s weird if you find yourself craving a bit of time to yourself. It’s important to be comfortable and have time to recharge your batteries, especially with all the fun and excitement of being a first year! If anyone asks about your disappearing act, be honest, it’s not a negative thing or anything to be concerned about. We all need a minute to ourselves.


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Depending on what life was like back home; you may be finding yourself with a sudden flood of independence. While it’s nice to have all that freedom, don’t forget that a big part of this step is learning how to look after yourself. Take my advice; learn every domestic thing you possibly can. Do the cleaning, learn to cook and get up close and personal with the ironing board. These are skills you’re going to need for the rest of your life.