I know what you did at Freshers'

Freshers’ fails: learning the ropes can be tough!

We’ve all heard some tantalising tales from our friends and family about their University experiences…but none are as funny, as embarrassing or as awkward as those that occur during freshers’ week! It must be the combination of excitement, naivety and maybe the odd drink or two that makes it a hilarious time!

Instead of trying to embarrass all of you with some of the stories we see online, we’ve asked around the office and accumulated some of our personal experiences, just so you can have a taster of what’s to come! However please do be aware, these stories certainly aren’t tips, pieces of advice or wise words, they’re just here as a friendly warning!

Let’s be honest, freshers’ week is renowned for being a time of partying, getting to know people and letting yourself go (a bit), but sometimes people forget to do other stuff as well – like eating, for example. As Emma found out…that doesn’t always end well.

We were going to a party as a flat and I made the mistake of not eating before enjoying a drink or two. This resulted in me asleep on the sofa before even leaving the flat, in front of my 12 new flatmates and being fireman-lifted into bed – it’s still a story my friends like to remind me of…” – Emma

Asleep On Couch

So as we can see, forgetting to line your stomach can lead to a really UN-eventful night! It may seem like a good idea at the time, but not eating really isn’t the best way to start off a busy week like freshers’ week!

Other times you just don’t take the right ‘steps’ to having a successful night out… as Claire found out!

We’d had a great evening and I’d just got home with my girlies, when I turned around and saw I’d left my shoes on the back seat of the cab, just as the driver began to pull away…I never saw those heels again! ” – Claire 

eally meme

Sometimes you may actually have a night out where the main talking point of the evening actually occurs in the club… Shock horror! When this does happen, it’s usually something pretty big that either changers the evening for the better… or everyone agrees ‘we better just not talk about it’. We think Ben’s little story falls into the later category.

Unfortunately, as a non-drinker, I don’t even have a real excuse for this. Unless you count copious amounts of Red Bull as motivation/influence enough…After pre-drinking my way through several cans, I continued my drink of choice once we got to the club. Let’s just say after about 4 hours of the stuff I ended up shouting (rather too excitedly) directly into the face of a girl who I’d tried to persuade to play badminton earlier that day…during a freshers fair. #GreatIntroduction.” – Ben

Ben Shouting

Now that can’t have been too pleasant – but probably not as un-pleasant as this next sight…

Somehow…and believe me, I don’t know how. I ended up finishing my first night of freshers wearing a pink tutu, with lipstick smeared across my face, singing Gold by Spandau Ballet, with 100 other fresher’s outside of Singer Halls.” – Jord

P.S As you can imagine, there’s no GIF to describe this. So we thought this would suffice…

Drunk tutu dog

So you can see from some of our own experiences, that freshers’ can be a very eventful time! If you’ve got any freshers’ stories of your own, or you make some this week, then please feel free to get in touch and let us know what happened. Make sure you keep it PG, and we’ll be happy to include it in our next freshers’ fail update!