Why I travelled to Coventry University…

This post is bought to you by Jessica Giovanni – one of our international student ambassadors. Jessica is from Indonesia and is currently at Coventry University, studying Food and Nutrition BSc.

Studying abroad has been something that I wanted to do since I was in high school. I felt there were a lot of things to learn outside the comfort of my home country, so I chose to study abroad.

There are two reasons I chose Coventry University, these are its international environment and its employability support. When thinking about the future, these are the most essential things to prepare us to be able to step into the ‘real world’ after graduating.

International environment

As an international student currently on a 1-year industrial placement, I realised how diverse a workplace could be. People come from different countries and backgrounds, and have individual stories and personalities. At Coventry University, students are taught a range of skills which can be applied to the workplace. We work on tasks; individually, in pairs and most importantly in large diverse teams. We learn how to come to a decision that satisfies the group. This includes analysing risks, generating ideas and learning to compromise. We also learn how to socialise and have fun with people from different cultures. Because at the end of the day, we are all the citizens of the same world!

Jessica on campus
Jessica on campus

Employability support

This is something I can give two thumbs up for at Coventry University. The staff in the Employability Unit are very friendly and helpful. They guide students through the creation of a wonderful CV and cover letters, help with job applications and prepare you for the interview process. They give students advice and tips on what to say and wear during an interview. They also have a special webpage containing jobs, year placements and summer internship vacancies. Most excitingly for me, many Coventry University students in the past went on summer internships or 1-year industrial placements in leading companies in their fields in the UK or abroad!

Coventry University shows its dedication to the improvement of education by investing in the refurbishment and construction of new buildings and facilities. The new Engineering & Computing building and the current construction of the new Health and Life Sciences building are just two examples of this.

I am now looking forward to even more experiences and the new opportunities that Coventry University has to offer its students!