Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear?

Struggling to decide what to wear this Halloween, aka the greatest night of the year? Worry no more! We have a fool-proof way of working out how you should strut your stuff this year…

It’s amazing how large a part your life in Coventry plays in your Halloween alter ego. Don’t believe us? Try it! The quiz never lies… We’ve tested our foolproof system on at least one whole person, and it accurately suggested the costume he’d already picked! Spooky or what?

Well what we lack in science we make up for in blood-curdling enthusiasm, and we hope we’ve helped improve your fright night with this magical mystery quiz. Whatever your plans are, we hope our students are in for a Halloween to remember this year! Look after each other and may your night be one of horror and haunts *evillaughevillaughevillaugh*