Review: Leave It To Esmie – Fargo Village

Just when you thought we’d probably eaten enough here at UnCOVered, we discovered that a Caribbean restaurant had opened up at Fargo Village and thought we should take a trip to try it.

Fargo Village

If you haven’t been for a wander down to Fargo yet, we highly recommend that you do! Whether it’s for a mooch around the independent shops or for some amazing food, it’s a great little corner of Coventry.

So, we decided to take a team trip to try out the new Leave It To Esmie restaurant, and boy are we glad we did leave the cooking to her. We pre-ordered our food because it was a larger party, which was fine, as it also gave us time to study the menu for a few days! Upon browsing the menu, we all pretty much started salivating straight away, there was loads to choose from and such a variety of food and flavours.

One of the things I loved, is that they have a separate Vegetarian and Vegan menu… which means they happily cater for all! I also feel like reading through the menu was a learning experience of its own, as there were a few things I hadn’t heard of before.

What some of us ate:
  • Jerk Cod Nuggets – cod in a jerk coating served with a mango dipping sauce
  • Escovietch Garlic Prawns – grilled garlic prawns sauteed with onions, peppers, carrots and scotch bonnet
  • BBQ Glazed Chicken Wings – coal barbecue wings served with a fruity salsa and a jerk BBQ sauce16444098_10154858556955185_1044156862_o
  • Caribbean Burger – their special creation, a giant dumpling filled with curry, jerk chicken, saltfish or veggie mixed beans16389352_10154858556890185_758629900_o
  • Mutton Curry – marinated mutton, marinated for 48 hours and slow cooked, served with rice and salad
  • Ackee & Saltfish – a traditional Jamaican dish served with rice, fried plantain and salad
  • Scallops – scallops grilled with a garlic butter and seasoned with a special blend of herbs
  • Vegan Mutton Like Curry – vegan mutton like pieces in a curry with potato’s and carrots, served with rice and salad16409803_10154858556950185_1340538509_o
  • Fried Plantain (side)
  • Mac n Cheese (side)
  • Friend Dumplings (side)
  • Chocolate Cake 16444164_10154858556900185_2142745979_o

Another thing we couldn’t argue with, was the price. I only had one course, as I’m trying to be healthy, so my meal came to less than a tenner. Other team members had 2 or 3 courses and a couple of drinks, and their bills came to less than £20! It really is a bargain for how amazing the food is!

Some feedback from us:

‘Never eaten mutton before in my life but I do like a bit of lamb. I was thrilled as I lifted off the little pot to find plenty of meat, which was soft and really delicious. Rice and beans were on point too.’

‘The plantain was sweet – just like mama makes them. The scallops were cooked and seasoned to perfection.’

‘It’s always refreshing to be able to see your food being prepared in the kitchen and you can definitely see that the chefs are working away hard.’

‘The price had my pockets smiling, but also the atmosphere and design on the place is cosy, welcoming and quirky.’

‘The highlight for me was the fried dumplings which is my favourite side in Caribbean food. I have no idea what spell Esmie cast to get them that fluffy inside, but they were exceptional – possibly the best I’ve tasted.’

‘A must visit, especially given the location in relation to the student population.’

‘The sharing platter was nice – Bursting with flavour without being heavy enough to remove room for the main.’

‘You can’t help but bop along to the music and with the brightly coloured mural on the wall, it didn’t feel like it was tipping it down outside – I could’ve been in the Caribbean enjoying a cocktail!’

All in all, I think it’s safe to say we definitely recommend visiting Esmie’s and I’m pretty sure we’ll be making another trip there soon. The food was great value and very tasty, the atmosphere was great and the service was too. Stay up to date with Leave It To Esmie on social media by following them on Twitter and liking their Facebook page.