Why Coventry needs to win City of Culture 2021

With English Tourism Week kicking off today and our wonderful Coventry recently being named a Heritage Action Zone, we thought there was no better time than to think about the Coventry 2021 bid!

Here at Coventry University we’re backing the bid and trying to rally our students together because our city needs this – and we know everyone says this but we really do!

We’re a young and diverse city, who have constantly faced challenges, from rebuilding our city to following our football club… But that has never held back the ambition and the creativity in and around the ring road!

So how do you respond when someone asks you where you’re studying for uni? Do they just know about the Blitz? Do you have to tell them how close it is to London? Or maybe just saying good old Cov is enough!

Here are just a few reasons why we think we deserve the City of Culture crown (hope you’re reading judges!)

1. We’re a global city

You may have heard that Coventry is the city of Peace and Reconciliation, and that’s because we have a lot of friends and a lot of twins… 26 twin cities in total! From Romania to Jamaica, China to Australia, we’re proud to have relationships all around the world. Next stop Mars!

What we love most is that Coventry is bustling with different languages and cultures. And we celebrate all different cultures and beliefs with huge city-wide events like the Nagar Kirtan procession and Coventry Pride.

If you’re living in Coventry, hold on to your seat and be prepared for the city to take centre stage!

2. We’re proud to be ‘Sent to Coventry’

Back in the day being ‘Sent to Coventry’ used to be a bad thing, but we think we’re lucky to be living in such a growing city – there’s always something to do so we’re choosing to be here!

There is something for everyone from the free Godiva Festival for music lovers to Motofest for car fanatics. Coventry Half Marathon is for those looking for activity, while others might think trying to decide where to visit first at Fargo Village is a challenge in itself.

And don’t forget Coventry Market…

And our students are a creative bunch too…

3. Our young people are the future

The bid is for everybody and our students truly make the city come to life, which is why you’ve helped make it a top 40 student city… in the world! (QS Best Student Cities)

Top 40 best student city

The social scene is getting bigger and better everyday with places like The Empire being open by the Enemy’s Tom Clarke, and big names like Rihanna and Robbie Williams are queuing up to play at the Ricoh – even the celebrities know Coventry is the place to be!

We’re upping our game to make sure we’re matching the needs of all our students. The new Science and Health Building is opening in September 2017 with hospital simulation facilities and a SuperLab for 240 students, and the Bishop Gate accommodation development is bringing the old Royal Mail site back to life.

4. Our legacy is continuing

The Cathedral is a pretty big deal in the city, and it stands out on our skyline alongside our University buildings – we’re bringing together the past, present and future in the heart of the city.

Coventry has the power of time – the watch industry started here if you didn’t know! – and we’re always moving. We’re climbing back on top of our motor and manufacturing heritage with Jaguar Land Rover and London Taxi Company taking the industry by storm.

And the National Transport Design Centre is set to explore new areas of transport design research with experts and state-of-the-art facilities at our disposal.

Tourism could grow by a third by winning the City of Culture title – imagine the possibilities 2021 could bring!

If you want to get involved with backing the bid, follow the Coventry 2021 team on Facebook and Twitter to find out what they’re up to! Check out our City of Culture webpage to find out how we’re supporting the bid!