10 Ways To Get A Better Job

Do you often stare longingly out of the window, wishing for something more? You can bet the most successful folk of the world don’t!

If you’re wanting to get a better job, here are 10 ways we can help!

1. Get more qualifications

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Found the perfect job but not qualified for it? Or is your company asking you to get back into study? Get yourself a postgrad degree and away you go. You could even become a postgraduate student at Coventry University as soon this May or September!

2. Broaden your horizons

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Lived and worked in the same place all your life? Maybe you’re looking for a change in your surroundings? Thankfully, there are universities everywhere! So pick the one that’s right for you (obvs Cov) and experience a new city.

3. Unlock new skills

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You may have some hidden talents that are yet to be discovered. Rory Graham AKA Rag ‘n’ Bone Man had no idea he was so good at singing until recently, and look at him now! If showbiz isn’t calling you, there are still hundreds of options out there.

4. Realise there’s still time

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There’s no time limit on improving your CV. The average age of a postgraduate student is 35, almost 49% are ages 21-30, but 20% of PG students are aged between 41–50.*

5. Take more risks – what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

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Although risks can be scary, they can also be hugely rewarding. You can go from an office worker to designing the latest sports car or saving lives in the NHS. All you need is the right attitude!

6. Get more global experience

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Always wanted to work abroad? It can be done! Grab yourself some awesome global experience by traveling while you study. We’re proud to brag we’re number 1 for international experiences – sending more students overseas than any other UK university**. Yep, that’s a fact!

7. Buy a pair of glasses and look intelligentgiphy (15)

Because who doesn’t trust a person in a pair of specs? They’ll make you feel smart and boost your confidence levels through the roof. You may even find you actually need them!

8. Everyone wants to be a student again, you can

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Tinned food for dinner, socialising like there’s no tomorrow and an NUS discount card… who wouldn’t want that lifestyle? Even if you’re not ready to party like it’s 1999, our student societies mean you can still get together to exchange ideas, network and make new friends.

9. Think about what you really love doing, make it into a career

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Do you binge watch Suits and find it fascinating? Or think your passion for Lego could lead to something bigger? You could be on to something. Why not try a career in Law or Child Psychology?

10. Do some research (into your dream jobs, while wearing glasses!)

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Take some time to look into what your dream job would actually require, then figure out how you can get there. It might not be as difficult as you think!

*BOS 2016 Postgraduate Accept Survey

**2,264 students on trips abroad lasting at least five days (HESA 2015)

If this has inspired you to start a Postgraduate degree in 2017, you don’t have to wait until September! Check out our amazing range of courses that you can start in May.