Cov’s Illustration Students Are ‘One Big Creative Force’

Hi it’s Hazel and Jon from Illustration. Illustration offers 3 different branches of the course with Fine Art, Graphics and Animation. For our Degree Shows we have two separate spaces which we have filled with artwork by students graduating in 2017. We’ve worked as one big creative force to put on two incredible exhibitions for you to enjoy.

We’ve spent the past few weeks setting up our exhibition space for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Degree Shows and we can’t wait to open our doors. So, what will you see when you get here…?



Floor 5 | Graham Sutherland Building | Instagram @cu_depart

‘depArt’ is our Fine Art and Illustration degree show! We have tattoo artists, children’s book illustrators, photographers, painters, pattern designers, skateboard artists, editorial illustrators, fine artists, sculptors and everything in between!

satirical-illustration-projectWe wanted to get away from the traditional white-walled gallery space, so have painted the space grey. Each artist has chosen their own colour which is painted by their space and matches their page in the catalogue. Covering both Fine Art and Illustration, we have spent the three years finding a good balance between the two disciplines, and we feel that this show proves that they can blend really well together.

My own work includes some editorial illustrations and a satirical animated book which subverts the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to mock power-hungry politicians. Look out for tiny caterpillars around the space! – Hazel

‘Made It’


Floor 4 | Graham Sutherland Building Instagram @madeitcov

…And don’t forget to drop by ‘Made It’, our Illustration and Animation/Illustration and Graphics Degree Show. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Made It, as this year, boundaries have been broken and pots have been stirred.

creative-teepeeWe’re a community of creatives who all put a unique twist on what you might expect it means to be an Illustrator/Animator/Graphic Designer. We are offering you a one-off creative experience over just another gallery show. The only way to ‘get’ it is to experience it, so come along!

The exhibition space is a collaborative piece of art in itself, created by Illustration and Animation and Illustration and Graphics students. My own work centres around spirituality, relaxation and positivity. So if you’re looking for some good vibes come give my meditation teepee a try.  Made It stands for what we do… i.e. make stuff. And I don’t just mean art, which is what makes our exhibition so special. – Jon

To view our work please drop in on the 4th and 5th floors of the Graham Sutherland Building, Coventry University during the public view 24–27th May, 10am–4pm. You can read more about the degree shows and what they are here.