4 of the best gyms in Coventry

New city, new gym! Here’s the low-down on the best gyms and sports centres available to you in Coventry, whether you’re joining us for the first time this September, or coming back to your uni home.

Working out can easily slip to the bottom of your priorities list when you’re a uni student. You’re now on a strict budget, there’s a much bigger work load to find time for, meals, cleaning and washing to cook and do, and all that socialising to fit in. Your health and fitness can take a bit of a backseat for three years… Or can they?

Can you afford to stop going to the gym?

Yep, on paper, it’ll save you a few quid a month giving up the gym membership. But as you’ll see, there are some really affordable options out there for you (even some free ones), so in reality you’re probably still better off sticking with it.

Uni is the perfect time to exercise, even if you weren’t before hand, because it’s a positive way to combat pressure and mental health issues like stress, depression and anxiety, (which can sometimes be exacerbated at this point in life).

Here’s the run-down of the best gyms in Cov available to you, now you’re lucky enough to call our city home (and some hilarious work out GIFs too, because laughing is kind of exercise too, right?)…

1. PureGym

Here’s where you’ll find PureGym Coventry –> (there’s actually another one in Bishop street too).  It’s a pretty affordable option, starting at £15.99 a month.

The positives:

  • They’re open 24/7, so they’re a student’s dream, because you can fit in a gym session at whatever time you’re free.
  • Contract-free, so you don’t have to worry about getting trapped into an expensive deal while you’re managing your budget.
  • Sign up online, so you can start working out straight away.
  • Lots of classes to sign up to.

Any negatives?

  • It’s a little further away from campus than some other options, but it’s right next to IKEA and that can only be a good thing!
  • Can get pretty busy, but that’s mostly for the people who have to visit the gym around their around working hours.
2. The Sport and Recreation Centre 

You’ll find the Sports Centre right in the middle of campus –>

The positives:

  • Membership is FREE for most students who live in Coventry University accommodation.
  • It’s more than a gym. As well as all the classes and equipment you’d expect, we have the Therapy Clinic, offering reduced prices to members.
  • You’re more likely to meet fellow Coventry students and be encouraged to join sports teams.
  • The fitness team are on hand to create your personalised training regime.

Visit our website for membership prices.

Any negatives?

  • You won’t be ‘the students’ at the gym, i.e. able to enjoy a solitary space while regular users are at work. But the upside is the opportunity to meet people who share your interests.
^ Kind of how uni feels sometimes
3. Village Gym, Coventry

OK, this place is pretty fancy pants. I work full-time and I could not afford this gym.

However, we know some of our students enjoy the finer things in life, so we thought we’d tell you a bit more…

The positives:

  • It’s got a POOL. A really flippin’ fancy pool!
  • It recently underwent a £450,000 refurb, so it’s shiny and new, and packed with all the latest equipment.
  • Members can enjoy discount prices at the spa.
  • Access to over 100 fitness classes per week.

Any negatives?

  • It’s pricey – but they offer a student rate of £39/month with a £10 joining fee. Just make sure you take your student card with you the first time you visit.
  • You’ll probably need a car to get there as it’s not in the city centre or near campus.
Just a gentle reminder from The Rock, to FOCUS
4. Lions Gym

This gym is different. It’s your usual fitness centre mixed with a martial arts facility. So if you’re into your UFC, this could be right up your street –>

The positives:

  • The instructors really know their stuff and are all experts in their fields.
  • They have their own custom-built platform cage.
  • You can have a free trial, to see which class is right for you.
  • Student discounts.

Any negatives? 

  • If you’re not into MMA and just want a regular, quiet gym, this one might not be for you, but you never know!
You ready?
Any of these taken your fancy? Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these gyms out, or have different recommendations from ours.