Historic Coventry

Coventry is a place of discovery, hope, a city with stories to tell, a city full of historical events. Coventry has overcome lots over the decades so just imagine what we could do if we won Coventry City of Culture 2021!

Coventry is a city of movement; we were transport makers in the past and are a welcoming city of refugees and those in need, a city of peace and reconciliation.

  1. 1043 Earl Leofric and his wife Godiva found a Benedictine monastery at Coventry
  2. 1380 Coventry has a population of nearly 5,000 making it a large town by the standards of the time. Coventry is famous for its wool industry
  3. 1720 The Parrot and Griffin pub is established which has had many revamps since, and is now called The Phoenix (a main student bar)
  4. 1861 James Starley arrives – the bicycle industry soon takes over from the struggling watch trade
  5. 1940-41 Coventry is bombed as part of the Blitz
  6. 1949 The Godiva statue is unveiled
  7. 1958 Belgrade Theatre opens
  8. 1991 West Orchards Shopping Centre opens
  9. 2000 Phoenix Intitative: St. Mary’s Priory is excavated and Millennium Place is built
  10. 2000 Skydome Leisure Centre Opens

City of Culture 2021


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