My First Week as an Undergrad

Hi! I’m Divya and I’m starting my second year in Computer Science at Coventry University. I’d like to talk you through the journey of my first year (of when I was an undergraduate just like you)!

Time flies, walking to your first day of university, not sure what it will bring… As I wasn’t aware of how my life would be different, and of all the new people I would meet, I never realised that I would learn and grow as a person in my first year.

I secured my place in Coventry through clearing. Once the enrolment process was finished I was told to attend the induction week. In the same week, Fresher’s Week was on too. I attended all the sessions of my induction week, even though I thought there was no point in attending. But as I went to the first induction – all the staff from my course were there sharing their experiences and they explained to us what we would be doing throughout the year. They also told us if we needed help with any of the modules during our academic year, where we could go to get the support. This was really helpful.

In induction week, I met new friends. People says you meet new friends during your first week at uni. My fresher’s week was just a year ago, and I arrived with the same level of excitement and nervousness as you do. As I didn’t come to uni for Open Day so didn’t really know anyone and so I had no idea what to expect, but then I met new friends and joined different societies, I also became part of volunteering, as it offers wide range of opportunities. Overall my first week was amazing, because I met great people from university, and staff who are always willing to help. First year has been great, everything was new and crazy; the struggles of completing assignments on-time, attending 9am lectures, and working with group members who you wouldn’t really choose to spend time with, however it kind of prepared me for the working life.

Throughout my first year I did some amazing group projects such as LEGO robot and virtual robot. Working as a part of a team is a great experience, you get to know and learn a lot from each other. Another great thing about my first year was that I was offered a GLP course and one year free language course which was just brilliant. I was happy to be part of GLP, because they have a lot to offer to their students such as they arrange events where CEO’s of well-known companies come and share their experiences on how they reached their position, which I found very inspiring. GLP also has different workshops where they carry out various activities as a team or individual and it really helps to build self-confidence, they also arrange industrial trips and trips abroad.

I again, am eagerly anticipating year two although being afraid of the workload. I hope that you too enjoy what will be a great part of your life, making the most of all opportunities that you are given.

If you are still worried or stressed about anything, you can talk to the Health and Wellbeing Team who are available to put your mind at ease and talk through your concerns.