Student Blog: 3 Reasons to Love MA Sport Marketing…

sport-marketing-studentHello, I’m Kathryn; I chose to move to Coventry after completing my undergraduate degree in ‘American Studies and Marketing with a Year in North America’ at another university. Here’s why…

1. Course content

My undergraduate university did offer masters courses in marketing, but after completing my dissertation on specifically ‘Sports Marketing’, I decided I wanted to specialise in this area. Therefore, before I started my final year I did some research into universities that offered a Masters in Sport Marketing and I came across Coventry University.

One of the main reasons I was interested in the course was the variety of modules offered throughout, and how they covered all of the areas of marketing I am interested in. Before applying I visited Coventry University on an Open Day, and met the course director, who explained a lot more about the course, and the University. Having the opportunity to visit and meet the course director along with the information I already had, helped me to decide to apply for the MA Sport Marketing at Coventry University.

2. Industry links

The course allows for students to gain an in-depth perspective into various aspects of the sports industry, both from a marketing and management perspective. During semester 1 we had a week of guest lectures from a range of different backgrounds, from academics to industry professionals. This not only offers a chance to look at the topics we cover in lectures from a different perspective, but also an opportunity to look at career options students can pursue once they’ve graduated.

3. Teaching

Many of the seminars involve discussions and group activities, this is a great method as it enables students from different international backgrounds to talk about ideas which relate to their local culture and expand on the ideas and examples already presented by the lecturer. Much of the coursework is focused around essays and reports, which allows for the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired from lecturers and seminars to real world examples. Many of the modules have exams, but students are well prepared for these.

The lecturers have a wealth and diverse range of knowledge from years of experience in their academic fields. This knowledge is beneficial to all students as it enables to them, especially when it comes to dissertations, to look in more depth at their chosen topic area. With regard to dissertations, the other good thing is the lecturers are happy to let students talk to other lecturers in the department to ensure they produce the best work they possibly can.

If you want to know more about any of our MA courses or undergraduate courses, get in touch, or come along to an Open Day like Kathryn did. It’ll help you get a feel for the city and you can see for yourself why we’ve been voted the 3rd happiest student city*.

*Sodexo, 2017