3 Reasons to Study Online with Cov Uni

Being named the top UK modern university three years in a row, it’s no surprise we’re taking our next big step, this time into the digital world of online learning!

Some of us think education isn’t accessible to us, feeling constrained by family, work commitments or even location. Our online learning courses are here to challenge that view and provide an alternative.

While the ability to fit your study around work, home or any other commitments you might have is one of the main advantages of online distance learning, there are more benefits that come with this mode of study:

  • Location, location, location. Online learning can overcome geography, wherever you might be! It’s truly international nature will give you the opportunity to learn alongside student spanning a range of ages, professional backgrounds and life experiences. You’ll benefit from both their unique viewpoints and distinct cultural differences.
  • Relax, take it easy. Online learning gives you an opportunity to study at your own pace. Take whatever time you need to revisit and fully comprehend the learning material.
  • Hey big spender! With no transport costs and accommodation to pay for, and the ability to earn while you learn, online learning will help keep money in your pocket.

As you can see online learning comes with an array of benefits. if you have health issues, caring responsibilities or other things in your life that make it hard to commit to a fixed period of campus-based study, distance learning may be your best – sometimes your only – option.

Online learning sees hundreds of thousands of people across the UK and worldwide take the opportunity to continue their education which may not have otherwise been possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our online learning courses.