Tips on how to get the best IELTS results

We understand that IELTS exams can be quite challenging. This is why we spoke to three students who travelled from China to study at Coventry University. They have given top tips on how to master your IELTS speaking, listening, reading and writing tests!

What better way to practice your English reading skills than by reading these tips?!


Try to practice speaking English on a daily basis. You can practice different topics and try your best to extend your knowledge of these topics.


Listening is one of the most difficult subjects for Chinese students and unfortunately, there is no shortcut. Just be patient and listen over and over again when you practice. In the exam, pay attention to the words indicating number, location, name and direction because those words might be the answer.


The best way to improve your reading skills is just read more! You need to get used to reading English. At the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable and totally lost, but the trick is to look through all the questions before you start your reading. This is so you know what information you are looking for.


For Chinese students, writing an essay is extremely challenging, not because we have an inadequate vocabulary or poor grammar skills, but because it is a totally different way of thinking! English essays require more critical thinking, compared to Chinese essays. My advice would be train your critical thinking by reading best practice essays and arm yourself with a new way of writing.

 — Henry Communication, Culture and Media

student-from-China-LilyI know a lot of students struggle with listening but all you need to do is keep practicing and repeatedly listen.

I signed up for several online learning courses for IELTS to learn some reading skills which I felt helped me.

For speaking, just be more confident! Most students lack confidence when they speak English and trust me, this will affect your results a lot! There is nothing for you to be ashamed of, it is not your first language and you have challenged yourself with learning a different language, so be proud!
— Lily, Business and Organisational Psychology



I know some people just have talent in language and they pick it up so quick. I am more of a person who learns through hard work. Language is not something that you can learn in one day so practice every single day. It would be good to set up a daily target e.g. ‘I will learn 50 new words today’ or ‘I will listen two pieces of BBC news material today’. Don’t be overly ambitious in your goals so you feel frustrated if you are unable to achieve them. Be practical and achievable and you will be amazed by yourself in the end.

—- S.S  Accounting and Financial Management

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