MSc Electrical Automotive Engineering course launch event – Wednesday

Join us at our course launch event on Wednesday 13 June between 9.45am-1pm. We’ll be in the Engineering and Computing building (postcode CV12JH). You can pop down and ask our panel of experts any questions you have about the course. Want to know a little more about the course before you attend? You can still watch the webinar.

Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Engineering constitutes a modern and timely area in engineering and one expected to expand very quickly in the next few years. The MSc in Electrical Automotive Engineering has been developed to provide graduates with the knowledge and necessary skills in several core areas of electric vehicles, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the scientific and engineering principles, as well as the practical techniques used in electric propulsion, power flow, embedded electronics and communications of electric vehicles.


This MSc course aims to deliver research-oriented teaching and culture. For this purpose, academics and professionals from overseas and other UK institutions are invited to deliver seminars and lectures on current research topics and advancements in the area of Electrical Automotive Engineering. Students on the course will also benefit from research-oriented individual projects and will be encouraged to participate in National and International Conferences and Workshops to present their works.

Coventry has a long history in the automotive and transport industries, and Coventry University is playing a significant role in shaping the future of modern transportation. Coventry University has been a valuable partner in various projects and collaborations with industry and academia within the area of transportation, with significant experience and technical know-how. Also, the Future Transport and Cities Research Centre has been established in Coventry University to organise and promote state-of-the-art research activities in the technological field of clean transportation.

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